What’s your Professional Growth Plan?

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I’m sharing David Truss‘s excellent post about flipping professional development. Many educators are starting to understand the flipped classroom movement, but how many have “flipped” their PD?

For those of us with PLNs (Personal Learning Network) that include the edu-blogosphere, Twitter, Nings, etc., David’s explanation of how he chooses his PD will seem very familiar. Certainly, I know I’m much more intentional with my professional development choices as a result of online discussion and anytime learning.

If you don’t have a robust PLN, I’d recommend starting one. For a quick explanation of just one reason why a PLN could make you a better professional, study this visual, and read David’s post.

Note: I’m sharing David’s idea and visual under his CC license: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

My New Education Blog is LIVE

I’m starting a new blog today, called Democratizing Knowledge. More on the title in the next post…

I plan to post resources for teachers, students, and education leaders, so check back for more. I’ll be paying special attention to Web 2.0 tools, social media in education news, and focusing on building students’ Personal Learning Networks.

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See you in the blogosphere. Cheers.