Collaboration in the Classroom with Google Apps

The tools now available to us make classroom collaboration a snap. If you haven’t considered using Google Docs, you should (how many times have I said that on this blog or Twitter?!).

Here’s another great example of a teacher using Google Apps for Education to empower her students:

Saylor is using Google Apps for Education to create a virtual domain for her students. They can use word processors, spread sheets and graphic tools to create projects which are done entirely online.
The kids can share with a teacher, the kids can share with another student, or they can share with a small group if they’re working together,” Brooks said.
Saylor says what might be the best part is the feedback. Students can go online, view another student’s project and offer comments right there on the web page.

“It’s good to get feedback from people our own age cause they think like we do,” Alex said.


Google Docs = great Collaboration for students! How will you use it?

How do you have your students collaborate?

Dave Girouard, president of Google Enterprise, announced via the Google official blog today that mobile editing for Google Docs is coming to the iPad. Read more at

Google Docs is one of the most powerful collaborative tools available. If your students aren’t using Google Docs, they should be. And if you’re one of the lucky teachers who has a classroom full of iPads, soon you can have them build documents, drawings, presentations, etc. together using Google Docs.

So again the question, how do you have your students collaborate? And add this – if your students had iPads and Google Docs, what would you have them build together?