Notes from the Online Learning Institute, ISTE 2012 Day Three

I attended the Online Learning Institute on my day three at ISTE. I’m going to race out of town to visit family and friends, so here’s a quick set of notes and quotes:

Keynote from Harvard professor Chris Dede: “this is a special time, so much tech converging all at once.” My notes are here.

Julie Evans from SpeakUp, small group session: “current 8th graders are the real digital natives – data in many ways shows a real shift with this group of students, in perspectives about mobiles, etc.” My notes are here.

David Jakes small group session on Designing [Online] Spaces for Everyone: “how we design learning spaces matters pedagogically; cognitive requirements in a learning environment is obvious in the design – desks in rows tell us something, for example.” My notes are here.

Keynote “Reflections on my MOOC…” from Indiana University professor Curtis Bonk had a zillion great quotes (he’s amazing): “We need to rename the world wide web the “web of learning” because resources for learning are wrapped all around us.” My notes are here. Curt’s notes are here.

I’ll write a wrap-up from ISTE in a week or so.

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