Quotes From My Notes, ISTE 2012 Day One

Here are my top quotes and notes from all the sessions I attended on Monday at ISTE 2012.

1. Mobilizing around Mobile Learning (panel discussion, developed by Lucy Gray), notes: http://bit.ly/KJR1O1

“Students demonstrated more agency when they had mobile devices: they searched for need-to-know information more often on mobiles than on laptops.” – Students don’t need to be taught on-demand learning on mobile devices. They do it naturally.

“We’ve reached the mobile learning tipping point. Every corporate education vendor is at work on mobile learning.” – As in the opening keynote, Qualcomm had a presence here. The rep reiterated they aren’t direct marketing to education. Then why are they at ISTE?

2. Web-Connected Minds: Connections, Constructivism, and Brain Plasticity (Yvonne Marie Andres, Global SchoolNet), notes: http://bit.ly/KJSfZr 

“We’ve arrived at a Tipping Point: this is the perfect time in history for the joining of the web, constructivism, and brain plasticity. This is the direction education is going.” – Using social media to make class more student-centered is popular, and supported by brain science. With some caveats.

“Constructivist theory works effectively today when there is a real public audience that gives effective feedback.” – Students who share their work online and receive critical comments from peers and others on the web are more likely to show engagement and improved learning results.

3. How to Start and Sustain Conversations around Change (Will Richardson and Rob Mancabelli), notes: http://bit.ly/LyIYTI

“Big changes are coming for schools. The question we should all be asking is ‘What is the value of schools in the new 21st Century context?'” – Will challenged us to start conversations at our schools about why we’re relevant in a world of free abundant information and connections, in which people learn anytime and anywhere.

“People have an emotional reaction to these conversations. Remember to address the emotional as well as the logical: – Rob’s point is that many we need to show some empathy and come at the conversation with teachers from a place that honors their personal investment in their work.

4.How to use Twitter, Diigo, and YouTube in the Classroom (Roseanne Sessa, Abington Friends School), notes: http://bit.ly/KAXyWr

“Every student should graduate high school with a Twitter, Diigo, and YouTube account.” – Roseanne quoted Alan November when explaining why she started using social media with her science classes. This was a great session for teachers new to these tools, but a little too elementary for me and I left early. My notes are short.

5. Trends and Issues in Online Learning (SIGOL Forum), notes: http://bit.ly/KAYoCs

“How many of you have enough college counselors? No problem, we have an app for that.” – From the introduction of one of the panelists who’s developed an app for students to connect with school counselors and share their personal information. Honestly, this one rubbed me wrong for some reason.

“I hate to admit it but we’ve wasted so much money over the last 15 years with our 1:1 laptop program, because we haven’t used them for collaboration and deep learning.” – refreshing honesty about why going 1:1 doesn’t change learning! Vicki Waters, Principal of Pymble Ladies College in Sydney, Australia spoke about how they are transforming their school by doing focused professional development, and by creating online and physical partnerships with local and global communities. Impressive!

One thought on “Quotes From My Notes, ISTE 2012 Day One

  1. Going to steal this idea, love the way you tweeted out your summaries from Evernote yesterday. Makes this huge conference feel just a little smaller, more of a community as we all tweet out where we are and what we learn. It is a huge conference that feels like a small town. I will be following you!!


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