It’s not 1892 anymore

We have all gone to school. We all know that school is organized around academic subjects like math, English, history and science. But why? -It is not easy to question something that everyone takes for granted. It is especially not easy when the very source of all our concerns in education can be easily traced to this one decision: to organize school around academic subjects. How else might school be organized? There is an easy answer to this: organize school around cognitive processes. In 1892, when the American high school was designed, we didn’t know much about cognition. Now we do. It is time to re-think school.
~Roger Schank

Dr. Schank’s short paper (.docx): “Everything You Think You Know About Education is Wrong”.


2 thoughts on “It’s not 1892 anymore

  1. Mike, The quote you posted caught my eye and I read Shank’s paper. He builds a strong argument – I just bought his latest book “Teaching Minds.” Thanks for the lead!


    1. You got it, Peter. Schank’s a super interesting guy, with very out-of-the-box ideas. I’m sure his book will be fascinating. I may be asking to borrow it when you’re done!


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