Global Education Conference 2010: Blended Learning for History and Social Science Classes

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone from six continents who joined the presentation at GlobalEdCon 2010!  Here are the slides from my presentation. Blend away!

I’m lucky to have been chosen to present at the first annual Global Education Conference, happening online from November 15-19. I will be presenting “Blended Learning in History and Social Science: Using the Web to Enhance the Learning in your classes”. Here’s the official session description:

As research continues to suggest that online learning can have excellent outcomes, many educators are finding ways to blend the best of both worlds, combining time-tested practices of in-class instruction with powerful new web tools to produce rich, engaging learning experiences for their students. Increasingly, students enter their classrooms familiar with and already engaged by online tools that give teachers the opportunity to connect them with a variety of multimedia content online, as well as with other students in their communities and around the globe. The world students will enter after schooling will require they know how to work online effectively, and educators are being challenged more and more to provide experiences that will help them develop this necessary ability. This presentation on “Blended Learning” will provide History and Social Science instructors with the pedagogical justification and the practical know-how to leverage new technologies to provide students with cutting-edge and powerful learning experiences. Beginning with an overview of research on the benefits of online learning, participants will consider when it is best to take learning online and how to do so. Teachers will become familiar with free or low-cost Web 2.0 tools that are already proving to be very effective. Emphasis will be placed on exploring tools that allow students to collaborate online and to use creativity to solve real-world problems. Participants will together form an online community that will extend past the presentation itself, providing the opportunity to continue their learning together and to share best practices as they take what they learn back to their own classrooms.

Please make plans to attend this free session on Tuesday, November 16, 2010 at 9:00am EST / 6:00am PST (US).

For more information, visit the official conference site. Sessions are all online, and will be archived for later viewing. Check it out!

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